Rockridge Kids, the Bay Area's award winning Kids' Store, is excited to announce the launch of its new events website. In the upcoming months we will send out party invitations for you to join us for concerts, car seat seminars, sales and street fairs. There will be raffles of new Britax Car Seats, Graco Infant Seats, and Phil & Ted strollers. Thomas The Train play day is always a favorite, and people come to us from all around the Bay to learn about child passenger safety.

While we have always tried to set the standard for brick and mortar storefronts in our industry, next year promises to be our most exciting ever.


Rockridge Kids
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For the first time that anyone can remember, College Ave. will be closed from Claremont to Lawton for the annual Rockridge District Fall Fair. On Sunday, October 9th 2016, you will be able to walk down the middle of College between those two streets, listen to kids music, salsa music, eating more food than I can mention here, visit all kinds of booths and tables featuring face painting, pumpkin carving, craft making, flower arranging, and much, much more. Our booth will be in front of our store, and will offer some pretty cool surprises, including a raffle for a $50 gift certificate to Tickled Pink Invitations. Most stores will open at 10 or 11am that morning, and most booths will be open to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. If you haven't had a chance to see what all the fuss about Rockridge is about, this is the perfect day to discover what a great community we have here. Did I mention the food?! For more information regarding Out and About in Rockridge visit the Rockridge District website at http://www.rockridgedistrict.com

Recall Rollercoaster

Lately, it seems that everytime we read or watch the news, another product has been named as possibly harmful to our health. As consumers, this is stressful enough, as parents we are scared on an even deeper level, as we feel that the most impotant part of our lives, our children, are at risk. While we would never downplay any of these pronouncements, we have always believed that alternative ways of thinking and consuming usually exist. And while most (but not all) of these pronouncements and recalls seem to originate in China, we would caution against a blanket indictment of that country, or any other country for that matter. Many products in our store, and most specialty stores, not just mass market or box stores, come from China, and are prefectly safe, and in many cases, of a superior quality. We choose our vendors very carefully, because they choose their factories the same way. Quality control is important to them, and usually reduces these scary issues.

Ultimately, many of the products we fear the most, plastic, esp. plastic bottles and teethers, mattreses, esp. those sprayed with a chemical fire retardant, red paint (that color seems to be most problematic), and on and on, are here to stay. However, if the uproar causes manufactures to change to purer formula, or companies spot check the end product more frequently, this would be a great thing.

Remember to consider that there are usually alternatives at your disposal. Glass or Medela bottles instead of other more controversial plastic bottles. Wonderful, organic mattresses exist that use wool as fire retardant, and they meet all juvenile requirments with no gas off. Wood and fabric teethers are more prevalant than ever, while companies like Sassy are already changing to a different, cleaner formula for their plastic teethers and other products. Stainless steel, and other metal sippy cups are another approach to healthy feeding.

Let us, as we have been doing for over twenty years, help you find some of these alternatives. If we don't have something, we probably know where you might find it. Good, small business have always been a consumers best resource for advice, education, and information. Together, maybe we help each other get off this recall rollercoaster, and do what is best - to raise happy, healthy children, and have fund doing it! Not always easy, but we believe, emiinately doable!

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